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From No an AKC Master Hunter Title

Amberac Saxon Surfin Safari (Saxon)



Bill Barten is more than a dog trainer; he truly makes a difference in peopleís lives!  Saxon is my golden retriever who at the age of 7 years was brought to Bill to evaluate if he had what it would take to compete in AKC senior hunt tests.  Saxon came to Bill with issues that most dogs in the arena do not have to contend with. Billís unassuming demeanor can fool you.  Beneath you will find a person who has a deep love and passion for his training.  The compassion he exhibits toward the dogs is unmatched to any person I have met.  He truly is dedicated to building champions and performance teams.    My expectation in September of 2006 was to get one AKC Senior pass by the end of 2007.  Is it any wonder when the last weekend in June of 2007 at the Chippewa Valley Retriever Club I was the one shedding tears for our successes when Saxon received the ribbon for his Senior Title!  Thank you Bill for agreeing to work with my guy as I know we would not have achieved, and far exceeded our goals without your training & guidance.  You truly have made a difference!  Thank you for your genuine care, compassion and commitment. The journey continues to be a real learning experience for both Saxon and myself.  Now, itís on to Masters!  My other golden, Sadie, is 11 and has earned the right to retire from competitions, but still loves to hunt at the Hay Creek Game Farm.  Hunt Em Up!    Bonnie, Saxon & Sadie 

Thank You HCGF Hunting & Dog Training

What a Team!

Now can I take time to smell the flowers?


We first brought our 5 1/2 month old chocolate lab puppy to Bill for obedience training, as well as to teach her how to duck and pheasant hunt.  We never imagined how this experience would change our lives.  When Maddie completed Bill's force fetch program in 5 weeks, Bill approached us with her potential of competing in hunt tests, something we were unfamiliar with at that time.  Maddie received her first Junior Hunt pass when she was 7 months old, needless to say, we were hooked!

Bill goes the extra mile...he not only trains the dog, he trains us too!  While in his care, he always treats Maddie as one of his own.  Bill once made a comment to us while training and that is something that continues to stick with me....he said, "I'll never break the dog's spirit"...we enjoyed hearing that and knew she was in good hands.  Maddie has exceeded our expectations with pheasant hunting and AKC hunt tests, but if it weren't for Bill & Joyce's advice, friendship and support, we truly would not be where we are today.  Maddie has gone on to receive her Senior Title in AKC Hunt Tests and "we" are currently working to achieve her Master Title.  I say "We", because although this is a handler/dog team, it takes more than that to accomplish what we have. 

Tim and I both love pheasant hunting and hunt test competitions; we credit this to Bill and Joyce.  With their outstanding program, we have not only gained a well trained, fun loving companion in our dog, but we have also gained a lifetime friendship with our trainers.    Tim, Chris & Maddie

BJ's Dog Training

Scout's AKC Junior Hunter Title


Thanks, it's been a blast! Scout

Thank You Hay Creek Game Farm & BJ's Dog Training




Dear Bill,
I just wanted drop you a line and tell you how well Cooper did out west with Mike.  Cooper actually caught one bird in mid air.  Needless to say lost it after he hit the ground and then no body could shoot it.  All that work the dog did and no one could reward the dog by shooting the bird.  Then on the next day Cooper swam a pond to retrieve a bird.  Mike had to call me right away to tell me that one.  Mike was so happy with him  and had such a wonderful time.  I could tell when they got home there was male bonding going on that whole week.  Cooper almost forgot who mom really was.  He remembered soon though.  Thanks again for everything.  Cooper is a wonderful part of our family.  
Best wishes to you and your wife,
Mike and Trish

Email: Bill Barten
New Auburn  
WI  54757


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